Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs at Mennabroom

Animals have been kept at Mennabroom since the 13th century. Currently we have rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black (OSB) pigs and chickens. The Oxford Sandy and Black pigs we rear are sometimes known as the Plum Pudding or Oxford Forest pig. The breed is one of the oldest breeds and has existed for 200-300 years, although during the last century it reached near extinction a couple of times. Breeding stock and weaners are available for sale thoughout the year, so please call either Richard or Edward to discuss breeding and a visit. Breed numbers have been increasing over the last few years and there are now 4 male and 13 female bloodlines within the breed. The 4 males are: Alexander, Alistair, Clarence and Jack. The 13 females are: Alison, Clare, Clarissa, Cynthia, Dandy, Duchess, Elsie, Gertrude, Gloria, Iris, Lady, Mary and Sybil.

The OSB pig is noted for its many qualities, especially for its excellent temperament, mothering abilities and for being docile and good to handle especially with children.  They have good size litters and are ideal for beginners and smallholders.  The OSB is a very visually attractive breed their colour ranging from light sand to deep rusty red with black blotches.  The markings do not go through the meat and it finishes quicker than many tradional breeds and is less inclined to run to fat.  They are multi purpose are they produce tasty pork, good bacon and excellent ham.  This is a hardy breed dealing well with all types of conditions.  It is an economical pig to keep as it is a natural brower and forager therefore making it an ideal outdoor pig.

Current bloodlines kept: Sows, Elsie, Clare and Gertrude. Boar: Clarence. Pedigree and non Pedigree stock usually available thoughout the year. Clarence the boar is available at stud.

Stock for sale -  Weaners, male and female, ready now, bloodlines Gertrude, Clare, Elsie and Clarence, also weaners ready early Spring.